XTRA PRO is a heating and cooling service company with a history of excellence, customer service, and quality craftsmanship. We specialise in HVAC service, replacement, and repair for both residential and commercial customers in Lowe Mainland

Our Services

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Heating System

Heating system Installation service for new construction in Lower Mainland. Our team assists with heating system installations for home builders, apartment complexes, commercial buildings of all sizes, and more.

Air Conditioning

Most air conditioning units rely on good airflow. regular maintenance by our techinican will prevent your AC break down in the middle of summer because of a dirty filter or lack of maintenance.

Air Conditioning

Our certified technician may get your air containing back to life by regular maintenance rather than having to get you a whole new system

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning installation services by our certified technician on your home, commercial building or apartment complex

Heating System

In today’s busy world, it’s easy to forget to schedule an appointment for tune ups and regular maintenance. That’s why XTRA PRO HA&P offers an easy-to-use Preventative Maintenance Program.

Heating System

XTRA PRO HA&P will make the necessary corrections to ensure proper operation.
As long as these issues are addressed quickly, they can usually be resolved easily

Our Benefits

Emergency Service​

Let the dedicated team at XTRA PRO HA&P HANDLE all your heating and air conditioning repairs for you!

Satisfaction Guarantee​

Many happy customers show our quality of services, You could be the next one

Preventative Maintenance Program

XTRA PRO HA&P offers an easy-to-use Preventative Maintenance Program. By enrolling in the program, we’ll contact you when it’s time for annual service on your heating and cooling system

10 Years of Experience​

Our extensive experience will help you to get the best service


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